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Calendar Wizard 3.0

Calendar Wizard allows you to create plain calendars
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Calendar Wizard is a simple calendar maker that allows you to create plain calendars customizing it step by step with a fantastic wizard that guides your throughout the different steps of the process. The program features a simple and straightforward user interface, specially designed for beginners. However, the resulting calendar has nothing interesting to offer since you cannot add photos to it and it looks rather boring and plain. You can create calendars for a whole year or just one month, select the number of columns and headers, customize the month's structure and the day starting the week, change the name of months and days in your own language, select letter case, font, color and size, among other things. The program also gives you the option of selecting an additional program or plug-in installed on your computer to edit your calendar. You even can preview your calendar in all steps of the process, so you can make changes on the way before the end of the process. You can also save the layout parameters to use them in future. In my opinion, the program offers limited options for its price and you certainly can get better programs for a lower price.

Silvana Mansilla
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Review summary


  • Wizard-like user interface
  • Fully customizable
  • You can edit calendars in other applications


  • You cannot add photos or holidays
  • Plain and boring format
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